Patty is a wonderfull young woman.Her interest for human relationships gives the quality and creativity to her approach. You will make a great discovery.

I offer

  • Tantric massages for men, women and transgendere.

Availability and contact

  • Available in April 17th and 18th
  • please contact the central number +41 78 820 7478 to fix an appointment.

I speak

  • English
  • French

I have been interested in massage for a long time and it was my curiosity that led me to go to Nepal to learn about Ayurvedic massage.

Back in Geneva, I decided to perform tantric massages for various reasons. Its complete approach where the body is seen as a whole and where each part can be a source of pleasure. But also for its political aspect aiming to build the sexuality of each one, and to question the taboos that touch the body and the pleasure.

It's a moment where anyone can indulge their desires without fear of judgment. Far from the pressure of society on what is morally acceptable or not. Tantric massages are conducted with respect and mutual consent between the person who receives and the one who gives the massage. This is how my choice fell on La Découverte Sensuelle, I liked Dorothea's approach, her expectations and her vision of the massage.