Many men seek sexual arousal in visual and tactile stimulation in order to release their tension and unleash their excitement in the ejaculation. Our massages follow a different approach. They allow you to be susceptible without having a clear target and without the pressure to perform. You will discover even higher and more intense levels of energy that last longer, and a meditative dimension will be added to your sensual pleasure.

Men who regularly receive tantric massages, learn to expand their sexual spectrum, they increase their ability to control and modulate their excitement. This helps fulfil your and your partner’s sexual potential and improves your relationship.

The tantric massage

The tantric massage is a sensual ritual of veneration, a ceremony during which the whole body is tenderly touched, nourished and filled with energy.

The tantric ritual focuses on the human being and its desire to relax, to be accepted in its entirety and to be touched everywhere, even in the most intimate places.

The body is massaged, caressed, stroked and gently held – all in order to create a feeling of complete confidence. Fragrances, music, fur and feathers open the senses.

Sexual energy will start to flow and reaches every part of your body.

There is no need to hide emotions. Sighs, smiles, moaning with pleasure, or tears – everything is allowed. I recommend the tantric massage to everybody who is ready to discover themselves anew, to surrender and to be touched.

1,5h = 280 chf
2,0h = 350 chf
2,5h = 420 chf
3,0h = 490 chf

For those burning for something new

If you are enthusiastic about new experiences and want to discover the unknown sides of your sensuality, why not experiment with another man who knows from his own experience what male lust can feel like ? Try the difference.

1,5h = 280 chf
2,0h = 350 chf
2,5 h = 420 chf
3,0 h = 490 chf

Anal and prostate massage

After an intensive massage of the pelvic floor and the outer anal zone, once you have reached a state of complete relaxation, the prostate will be massaged from the inside. With gentle touches, plenty of time, mutual trust and the respect of own limits we help you let go and enjoy your anal zone sensuously. Many men experience the anal and prostate massage as an additional pleasure and a blissful way of liberation that broadens the spectrum of sexual feeling. This massage is also good for your health as, when practiced regularly, it can help reduce the risk of an enlarged prostate. It can be included in any massage with a duration of two hours.

Lire l'article Jarnadan et l’article du journal 360 sur le point H.

Rates: Can be included in a massage from 2h.

Tantric four-hand massage

When touched by four hands, all sensations are multiplied and you will fin dit hard not to loose track of time. This is pure sense of wellbeing for body, soul and spirit.

1.5h = 560 chf
2.0h = 700 chf

To allow you to treat yourself to this wonderful experience, we offer this massage at a reduced rate:

Reduced rates:
1,5 h = 450 chf
2,0 h = 560 chf

The tao massage

Tao Massage is a calm, sensual and meditative massage which offers the opportunity for profound relaxation and regeneration.

The whole body experiences a sense of release, respiration and rest.

Energetic elements are alternated with tender caresses of the whole body which generates a profoundly sensual feeling. Tao massage releases both your feminine and masculine energy, harmonising your Yin and Yang.

This massages is based on the philosophy of Taoist healing. A natural and harmonious intimate massage is also included. I would recommend Tao Massage for those who need calm and relaxation in order to rediscover their inner strength.
The tao massage is given by Dorothea and Beatrice

Rates :
1,5h = 280 chf
2,0h = 350 chf

Tantric hawaïen massage

The tantric Hawaïen massage is rhythmic and fluid.

Warm oil is poured over the table and your entire body which then receives a powerful massage. The masseur glides with strokes over and under you helping to both relax and stretch your body.

An intimate massage is also included. The opportunity to simultaneously massage both sides of the body generates a magical feeling of intimacy.

The tantric Hawaiian massage is recommended to those who find it easy to relax and who will enjoy the games played with their body.
Given by Dorothea.

Rates :
1,5h = 280 chf
2,0h = 350 chf

The karsai nei tsang massage

The Karsai Nei Tsang massage is an ancient Taoïste massage emanating from the traditional Chinese medicine. Karsai can be translated as "blockages, vascular depositions" and Nei Tsang "desintoxication massage". The massage concentrates on the lower abdomen, pelvic floor and genital organs. It aims to dissolve sedimentation in the veins, to release toxicity in the organs and to remove blockages that affect sexual arousal. Without arousing sexual sensations itself, this massage helps the sexual energy "Chi" to flow thus increasing general vitality and long-lasting well-being. .
Given by Sarah.

1,0h = 250 chf

Exposed to gentle sensual domination or complete surrender?

For those who enjoy being touched with a zest of domination, the idea of being out of control, perhaps being tied up or with eyes blinded and in utter surrender to the person who touches you. We will discuss possibilities and limits and explore and expand them with great tenderness. Treat yourself to this intense pleasure!

1h = 280 chf
1,5h = 350 chf
Rates for four hands upon request.