La Découverte Sensuelle

Sensual Tantric Massages

For women, men and couples



Until we are open again, we wish you all the best. Heath courage and good vibes. Take care.

Discover your sensorial potential

Tantrism considers the body to be the temple of the soul and in tantric massage the body is venerated and treated with great respect. Touch has a sexual dimension which corresponds to our natural need to be appreciated and accepted as a whole, increasing our wellbeing and self-love.

Let yourself go, loose yourself in total relaxation and open up your senses so that our touch can reach you. We will enable you to feel the natural beauty and grace of your body as well as the power which emanates from your body.

Our massages are both relaxing and energetic. During all of our massages the genitals (Yoni or Lingam) are also massaged, they are the focus of our vital energy. A person who knows the strength of their sexuality, and who can tap into this strength, is alive, sure of themselves and will flourish. Intimate massage intensifies and enriches the sensation of the sexual experience. There is no goal. The massage is given in an intense but tender way. It can be relaxing, voluptuous and orgasmic. The aim is to increase sexual energy throughout the body, to give pleasure whilst totally relaxed and to discover new forces. Tantric massage nourishes the body, soul and spirit.

Before each massage a discussion takes place in order to determine what suits you best, what is important to you and what your reasons are for coming. This enables us to personalise each session. After the massage is over, it is also possible to talk about how you felt during the session. This discussion time is not counted as part of the time allotted for the massage.

We welcome you in a sensual and intimous atmosphere.

Whatever your age, your sex, intersex, transgender, sexual orientation – we will be happy to welcome you!

Our services

For women

An atmosphere of trust and well-being allows you to open up to your full potential and your femininity. Our experienced team will accompany your journey into the realm of sensuality respecting your pace and rhythm.


For men

Are you susceptible to a new way of experiencing your sensuality? Feel the waves of energy flow through your entire body and indulge in sexual pleasures? Enjoy every single moment and let us pamper you whilst you relax.


For couples

Would you like to enrich your relationship, discover it anew and bring it to a different level or do you simply wish to share a very special moment? Treat yourself and your partner to a joint massage or a weekend of sensuality. You will live and breathe this memorable experience for a long time!


Our team

We share the passion for our work, we share the same values and yet everyone of us has their unique ways. Whether masseur or masseuse, young or mature, every encounter is special. We invite you to discover and enjoy this diversity.

Services and Prices

Classic Tantric massage:

1h30 = CHF 280
2h00 = CHF 350

Special conditions apply to massages for couples, four-hand massages, etc. To see our detailed price list click here.

Cash payment only

Please call us: +41 78 820 74 78.


We welcome you in two discrete studios with separate entrances. You will only meet the person who is giving the massage. The intimous ambiance together with the sensual interior of our rooms create an atmosphere of warmth and exotism that stimualtes and promotes relaxation.

Chemin de la Vendée 26

1213 Petit-Lancy

Please call us: +41 78 820 74 78.

La Découverte Sensuelle is located in Petit-Lancy between train station and airport. It can be easily accessed by car or by public transport.

Car park Vendée. On the opposite site in the same street.

Tram No. 14, stop Petit Lancy, at 150 m walking distance.

Making an appointment

Please call us: +41 78 820 74 78.

We are open every day from 9.00 to 20.30 by appointment only