Listening to your very personal and intimate questions, I am passionate to give you a moment of joy and pleasure, relaxation and bliss.

I offer

  • Tantric, tao, hawaïen massage for women and men.
  • Massages and workshops for couples

Availability and contact

  • Tel. +41 76 626 42 69

I speak

  • English
  • German
  • French

Understanding my body has always been essential for me. Being in harmony with my body gives me self-confidence. Sharing this experience is what motivates me professionally.

In 1992 I began studying to become a sports and gymnastics teacher and part of the training was to get to know my body in different ways.

Subsequently I took courses including traditional Thai massage, Tantric massage for women and men,Tao massage and Tantric Hawaiian massage.

After having studied Tantra at Dakini in Stuttgart and Zurich, I came to Geneva at 2011 to create a center of massage and personnel development :

La Decouverte-Sensuelle. The ultimate aim of my work is to develop a culture of sensuality and give you impulsions for new dimensions in your sexuality.